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“Are you ready to lose Your Frustrating Job And Start Moving To Your Dream Career in Just 21 Days?"

You need a 21-Day Extreme Career Makeover


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Dear Mid-Career Professional,

career coaching by Cathy GoodwinI'm Dr. Cathy Goodwin, an experienced career consultant and, career changer. I've worked with dozens of mid-life, mid-career professionals and executives over the past decade.

If you're reading this page, you're probably getting serious about a career change. Maybe your job will go away soon or you're facing age discrimination (which nobody wants to admit).  Or you just got offered a promotion 100 miles away. 

Or you just feel ready to do something different...maybe something meaningful  with purpose, or maybe something that uses a different side of your personality.

Can you relate to these scenarios?

  • You're wondering, "What's my first step?"
  • Your career tests show you fit your current job perfectly.
  • Your career change feels more like Fear Factor than Amazing Race
  • You want career advice that fits your unique midlife career experience
  • You're afraid of losing everything you've worked so hard to achieve...but you really want something new.

What if you had a program that could transform your "before" to an exciting "after," step-by-step?  Could you find just a few minutes every day...if you knew you were moving to your dream as steadily as if you were guided by your own inner radar?

Your Career Makeover Starts Here

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., career expert, has written a step-by-step guide you can download today.

21-Day Extreme Career Makeover is the street-smart guide designed specifically for midlife career professionals like you.  You'll find the same processes and exercises developed with dozens of private coaching clients, packaged in a manual so you can become your own best career coach...and take charge of  moving to your dream career.

Just some of the topics covered:

  • 5 warm-up exercises to get your career muscles ready for a BIG change
  • How your intuition can guide your career change (but only if you know how to listen)
  • Why fear is a signal that you're on the right track for your makeove
  • How to risk-proof your career makeover
  • How to choose the BEST mentors and coaches for your makeover team
  • How to toss the wet blankets before they smother your fire
  • How to decide if ready for the ultimate career makeover: your own business
  • How to plan for a return to school or a sabbatical
  • What you must do after your makeover

Ready to order now? Download this e-Guide and take your first steps to a Career Makeover.

Here's what others have said:

"If you're considering a midlife career change, then Cathy Goodwin's 21-Day Extreme Career Makeover is the book for you. This unique easy to read how-to book gives clear awareness and action steps to help you prepare for and transition into your new career.

"Cathy tells you what to pay attention to-- your fears, your interests, your social network, your bottom line. She provides a wonderful mix of ideas (knowledge and activities) and support (awareness and encouraging your intuition).

"And just as you're thinking, "What if" or, "I don't think I can do this," Cathy muses, 'If you think you can't, do this instead.' She provides creative alternatives, develops scenarios, or reminds you what the essentials are -- the bottom line.

"Other books have great activities too, but no other simultaneously works with your awareness and what you need to do to make the change in so clear and simple manner. I feel I know now what I need to learn to pay attention to and to do. Cathy's book is by my bedside."

D. Merrily Miller, Ed.D., Professor of Education, Mount Saint Mary College (NY)

"As a personal life coach, I'd recommend Cathy's simple, straight forward process to quickly help anyone contemplating a career move or change to find a route to their next position.  Using positive action steps, her latest e-book provides 4 to move forward on the road to positive change."  

Steve Miller, former aerospace engineer  

"Cathy Goodwin clearly knows the field! This ebook packs a lot into 21 days in an entertaining and doable way. Excellent job of incorporating mainstream career counseling techniques with newer resources. Good advice on when a career pro might help or be needed. "The use of video exercises was great for a change of pace. Especially liked the chapter "Fear can be your Ally "-- down to earth and realistic -- and the Hidden Witness Program exercise was excellent."

Elisabeth Harpe, Skagit Business & Staffing

 "I have read the Parachute and other job hunting books, but for immediate impact, every job-seeker should read and re-read this ebook.

"This step-by-step guide leads you to a new world and a new life.
"For a new career, you need to see yourself differently. This book provides the tools to begin and complete the process. It is concise, to-the-point and extremely practical. I believe it will change many lives."

Barney Mayse

This Makeover program is different because it's based on ideas that everybody in the career business knows...but nobody talks about.  You won't find the same old stuff about navel-gazing and test-taking. You won't get one-size-fits-all or stretch-to-fit strategie.

About The AUthor

Cathy Goodwin, MBA, Ph.D., is an author and career consultant, specializing in topics related to midlife career change. Her book, Making the Big Move: How to transform relocation into a creative life transition (New Harbinger 1999), has received critical praise.

Dr. Goodwin has been featured as a career development and life transitions expert guest on several talk shows, including KQED San Francisco, and the Matt and Ramona show. She's been interviewed  for articles appearing in the Denver Post, Billings (MT) Gazette, Boardroom, Parents Express, USA Today Online, School Foodservice & Nutrition, Ivanhoe News. Chicago Tribune Syndicate, and more.  Her article "Relocation as Identity Change" can be found in the best-selling 100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do.

An end to overwhelm...

Your Makeover comes in easy-to-follow, one-day-at-a-time steps.   You know just what to do and when to do it.

You can print out your Guide and take it with you -- tucked away in your briefcase or packed into your overnight bag. Or read a section every day, from your own home computer. 

"Okay, Cathy - what's my investment?"

To get what's in this ebook, you could hire a coach for 3 months: that's $1200.

A weekend career seminar: $500 (if you live in the same city).

Instead you get this ebook for
just $37- less than one week of lattes at your favorite coffee shop....less than the cost of a power lunch in any major US city.



I look forward to working with you to create your most effective Career Strategy!

Cathy Goodwin



The Fine Print: Many of my clients and class participants have gotten satisfying results from my writing and teaching. Those who purchased and did not follow through with implementation did not see results. Of course we can't promise that you will achieve any particular increase in sales or any specific results. Your own success will depend on many factors, including your talents, skills, market, environment and application of what you learn here.


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