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“Are you stuck in A Miserable Job You Hate?"

Take your first steps to escape and move to a career you'll love.

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Dear Career Changer,
career coaching by Cathy Goodwin

Hate your job? Dread going to work every day?
You're not alone. Millions of people hate their jobs...even if they work for themselves. They experience job stress and job burnout. And they aren't getting a lot of help from traditional wisdom.

Most advice comes in the form of "Quit or Grit."
You can quit and hope you'll find a better job -- or even another job -- before your savings disappear. OR you can grit your teeth and hang in there -- being miserable.

"Quit" and you risk going broke. You're in a one-down position when you look for your next job.

"Grit" doesn't work either. Job stress can affect your health (not to mention the rest of your life). Besides, when you're really frustrated, you make so many mistakes you're forced to leave before you're ready.

Now you can learn a new way to actually use the job you hate to move to a career you'll love.

I'm Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., and I've helped many clients find new ways to deal with jobs they really, really hate. I've published books and articles on life transition. I've been interviewed for radio and newspaper features dealing with jobs and careers.

Introducing 10 things to do when you really, really hate your job.

You will discover:

why some people always seem to attract jobs they hate (and others never do)

career change tipshow to decide if you're the problem -- why you're usually not

career change tips why hating a job can be fatal to your finances

career change tips the essential step to reclaiming your power and making smarter decisions

career change tipshow to create more opportunities for career growth while you're still employed

career change tipswhy you might be committing career suicide

career change tipswhen hard work won't always bring the rewards you deserve

career change tipshow to protect yourself in a hostile workplace

career change tipsthe secret of finding happiness in work by looking outside

career changet tipshow to pace yourself to get the confidence you need ...and a whole lot more!

Start reading now ... and get ready to transfom your job immediately!

10 Things To Do When You REALLY Hate Your Job










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