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Life After Layoffs: The First 10 Steps

Yesterday you had a job, an office, a place to go..and today you're wondering, "What now?"  This mini-Report tells you exactly what to do right away -- so you avoid costly detours and get started moving toward your next adventure.

"This report is helpful and easy to read, enlivened with touches of Dr. Goodwin's wry humor.  I particularly liked the concept of a 'perch' job.  There's some valuable and unexpected advice here...definitely worth reading before you make a move you'll regret later." -- Cheri Merz, www.Never2Late4Success.com

12 Ways to Avoid the 12 Most Common Interview Mistakes

The bad news: These days, interviewers look for reasons to say no.  The good news: When you learn the game, you increase your odds of winning a job.  You'll learn how to find real confidence (as opposed to putting on a game face - #7), the hidden interviewers behind the scenes (#5), what to pack in your briefcase that most people forget (#6),  the worst mistake you can make after the interview (#9), how to prepare for the interviewer's hidden agendas (#11) and a whole lot more.

Bonus: How to answer 6 of the most common tough questions.

9 Questions You Absolutely, Positively Must Ask
Before Moving to a Small Town

Getting ready to retire? Seeking a simpler life away from the rat race? Every year thousands of simplicity-seekers head for small towns.  And every year, many small town dwellers face the grim reality: "I've made a mistake. And it's going to cost me a bloody fortune to get out of here."  These 9 questions help you decide if a small town move makes sense for you -- with lots of examples from my own four years in Silver City, New Mexico.  This small ebook can save you money and increase your likelihood of finding happiness in your Big Move to a Small Town.

Getting Paid to Give Advice: Write your own self-help book

Coaches and consultants:  gain prestige and credibility by publishing your own self-help book. You'll find dozens of websites offering to get your book published -- for a price.  Here's the low-down on what you really need and how to get the inside information that separates the amateur from the pro. 

Answers to 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about  Finding a Job Through the Want Ads

You've probably heard that only 20% of jobs are advertised.  But numbers can be deceiving.   I've found most of my own jobs by answering ads and continue to help clients use ads effectively in their job search.  You need more than one strategy for a career plan and anwering ads should be included.  Discover which ads you should answer (and which to  ignore), recognize codes, protect against hidden dangers of blind ads, and respond to ads with a letter that gets results.

Grow your career by hiring the right coach.

You want to grow your business or change your career.  So you look up a coaching directory, close your eyes and choose.  Or you go to the other extreme and hire a Famous Name. Or you get a recommendation from that nice guy at the dog park. 

Or, for the price of a few mocha lattes, you download this ebook and begin moving successfully to your next life..faster than you believed possible.