Attention Mid-Life, Mid-Career Executives And Professionals:

“Straight Talk About What You Gain (Or Lose)
When You Go Back To School At Mid-Career

An Insider's Guide to Mid-Career Educational Choices


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Dear Mid-Career Professional,
career coaching by Cathy Goodwin

Are you returning to school to advance your career?

If so, you are not alone. You may need a graduate degree to qualify for a promotion or to gain credibility as an independent consultant. You may need credentials for a change to a totally new career.

But if you're like most people, you will be confused when you review all the opportunities out there. Mid-career professionals often raise questions like these:

  • Will I get the full benefits of a degree if I choose an online program?
  • How can I tell if my degree will be accepted by future employers?
  • Do I really get more value when I choose the more expensive programs?
  • How can I decode the messages I'm getting from admissions officers?
  • Where I can the honest truth about the value of a particular program?

The answers to these questions are critical to your career.

Imagine Paying thousands of Dollars To Get Fired

On October 10, 2004, Sixty Minutes (a CBS-TV news program) highlighted a "university" that claimed to offer an online degree program. Many mid-life career changes believed they were signing up for a legitimate education. After all, the page looked fine and the school claimed to be accredited.

So many mid-career executives wrote checks for hundreds, even thousands of dollars, only to learn that these "degrees" would do them more harm than good. This university had a reputation as a diploma mill. Putting that degree on your resume could be the kiss of death for your career.

CBS interviewed one woman whose degree got her fired: she was sent packing after she began referring to herself as "Dr. X," honestly believing she had earned a Ph.D.

Think that's too far-fetched?

Back in 2011 a FEMA manager earned headlines because he had attended a questionable university. 

You probably won't make this mistake.

Most degree programs are not diploma mills. But even legitimate, accredited university programs will waste thousands of dollars and years of your time ­ if they aren't geared to your goals and objectives. As a former college professor, I talked to many students whose education choices would actually limit their future opportunities - after they paid serious money as a well-intentioned investment in their careers, often with considerable sacrifice.

"Where do I start asking questions?"

If you're new to the education game, or you've been away a long time, you probably won't know what questions to ask, let alone who can answer them. Professors (yes, I used to be one!) and enrollment counselors often are not your best sources of advice.

Back to School For Mid-Life Career Change is the insider's guide designed specifically for midlife career professionals like you. You get guidance from me, Dr. Cathy Goodwin, someone who's been behind the scenes in academia as well as ahead of the curve in the world of career change.

Just some of the topics covered:

  • The surefire way to sniff out a diploma mill (so you won't be embarrassed - or worse! - later)
  • How to tell whether you really need more school (or whether you're being given a brush-off)
  • 2 popular myths about the value of an MBA at mid-career (so you choose only what you actually need
  • What accreditation really means and how to interpret an institution's claims
  • How to assess the faculty of your program (a simple and surprising checklist)
  • How to overcome the biggest obstacle that keeps most graduate students from completing their degrees
  • Why career tests can be misleading
  • Tips to ease the transition from "executive" to "student" without scaring off your professors

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"This book has come for me at just the right moment.

"Immediately upon finishing  your book, I knew I had to rethink some major portions of  my back-to-school plan.

 "I'll certainly keep your book close before I sign on any  dotted lines. Thanks for the reality check!"

Paula Kimbough, Starkville, MI


No one else could write this book!

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., spent many years in the classroom as a student and even more as a professor. She's taught in mainstream traditional programs as well as online degree programs. She has advised students completing dissertations in programs all over the world. And she knows the score.

"Okay, Cathy - what's my investment?"

What's it worth to you to save hundreds or thousands of dollars (not to mention years of your life) by making a worthless investment? What's it worth to get your questions answered quickly, all in one place, hassle free?

Instead you get this ebook for
just $17 - less than one week of lattes at your favorite coffee shop....less than the cost of a power lunch in any major US city.


I look forward to working with you to create your most effective Career Strategy!

Cathy Goodwin



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