Attention Time-Pressed Executive, Business Ownerss And Professionals:

“Is your Job Search Stuck? Success Might be Just a Few Tweaks Away"

Introducing a Job Search Guide Designed for Mid-Life, Mid-Career Professionals

Thursday evening
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Mid-Career Executive,
career coaching by Cathy Goodwin

Are you sending out dozens of resumes (and they seem to be vanishing into a black hole?

Does your resume get you to the interview stage ... and then the job fades away?

Have you enjoyed success in your career and now you want to conduct a successful job search?

Are you wondering how to choose between two offers (or turn down an offer that's not appealing)?

If you resonate with these questions, you'll benefit from my ...

Mid-Life, Mid-Career Job Search Guide

This down-to-earth guide will make your job search more productive and help you avoid some of the most common mistakes. You wil discover:
Secrets of using email during your job search

Why most navel-gazing "Who Am I" introspection is a huge waste of time (and what to instead)

job search tipHow to turn your natural talents into skills that people will pay for

job search tipSecrets I used to get most of my jobs from want ads (even when nobody else did)

job search tipWhy you need to tiptoe around a recruiter who wants to work with you

resume tipA step-by-step guide to creating your resume and cover letter

resume tipsHow to turn your resume's "Personal" section into a demo of your job skills

resume objectiveHow to take the "ouch" out of objective (and write one that companies want to see)

How to deflect queries to your current boss (so you don't jeopardize your current job)

recommendation letter tipHow to avoid getting blindsided by anegative reference

How to confirm a job offer (so you make sure everything's really in order)

How to get the most value from your first six months on a new job

How to hire a coach or consultant who will actually help you

"...the most practical guide I've seen for moving forward on either looking for a new job or evaluating and making a career change. I found it both focusing and motivating. And reading this book is just like talking to Cathy!"
-- Rochelle Cohn, IT professional, Boston area

"Okay, Cathy - what's my investment?"

What's it worth to you to save hundreds or thousands of dollars (not to mention years of your life) by making a worthless investment? What's it worth to get your questions answered quickly, all in one place, hassle free?

Instead you get this ebook for
just $17 - less than one week of lattes at your favorite coffee shop....less than the cost of a power lunch in any major US city.


I look forward to working with you to create your most effective Career Strategy!

Cathy Goodwin



The Fine Print: Many of my clients and class participants have gotten satisfying results from my writing and teaching. Those who purchased and did not follow through with implementation did not see results. Of course we can't promise that you will achieve any particular increase in sales or any specific results. Your own success will depend on many factors, including your talents, skills, market, environment and application of what you learn here.


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