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Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.  combines fast-paced, information-rich content with a her own brand of unique irreverence. Her infectious energy and easygoing style will help your organization and its members discover new ways to find their dream career.

Sample Topics

3 Outrageous Myths of Mid-Life Career Change.

Every year thousands of midlife executives and professionals hit a defining moment: they're ready for a new career. Sadly, most will be back at their desks, doing the same thing, next year. They may have invested in self-help books, seminars and short term fixes. Why don't these strategies work? Those who are successful realize they have to get past three critical but all too popular myths. .

The Most Expensive Part of You Move is NOT the Moving Van.

Most people think the most costly part of relocation is hiring a moving fan. In fact, your greatest expense comes from choices about where to move and what to expect as a newcomer. Cathy Goodwin, author of a relocation book and recognized expert, shares tips to make relocation a creative life transition instead of a major stressor.

Beat Age Discrimination by Becoming an Entrepreneur

Mid-life mid-career executives often hold many false beliefs about becoming self-employed. They think they need huge investments of capital and some kind of stamp of approval. In fact you can get started from your kitchen table with a simple start-up, online or in your community. The most critical component? Your own mindset.

Target Audience for all talks:
Mid-career professionals and corporate executives, coaches and consultants.

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., is a published author and career consultant, specializing in topics of career, business and life transition. Her book  Making the Big Move: How to transform relocation into a creative life transition (New Harbinger, 1999) has received critical praise.  She authored a chapter in the best-selling 100 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do. Her insights on life transition have been featured in Development Across the Lifespan by Robert Feldman (a Prentice Hall college textbook).

Media credits include Denver Post, KQED (San Francisco), Boardroom, Ivanhoe News (independent TV news service), Matt and Ramona Show (North Carolina), Chicago Tribune syndicate, USA Today Online, and Investors Business Daily.

During her twenty-plus years as a business school professor, Dr. Goodwin achieved national and international recognition for her research on life  transitions and services marketing.  She published numerous research articles and presented her work at national and international conferences. She has taught every level from undergraduate  to doctoral, in traditional classrooms, online and corporate settings.

Dr. Goodwin now offers business consulting, copywriting and career change services, all delivered virtually through phone and email. Clients come from all over the US as well as Europe and Australia.  Dr. Goodwin's business-related articles have appeared in dozens  of online and print periodicals and have been translated into foreign languages. She sells several ebooks through her website.  Click here for a list.

Dr. Goodwin holds an undergraduate degree from Barnard College,  an MBA from the Wharton School and a PhD in marketing from University of California (Berkeley).  She lives in Philadelphia, PA, with 2 cats and a dog.


There is no charge to Philadelphia nonprofit or educational groups as long as (a) participants are potential clients and (b) Dr. Goodwin can do a brief "pitch" for her services.   Email queries about fees for for-profit groups or call 206-819-0989.  For engagements outside Center City Philadelphia, expenses include travel time, transportation, meals and lodging. 


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